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Access to Natural Medicine

There has been a growing awareness on the clinical benefits of Natural Medicine for many years, and with legislation opening the door for patient access in 2016, there has been an ever-increasing demand for Alternative Medicine.​


Canntic was established in December of 2022 in order to provide Health Professionals information on, and patients with access to the clinical benefits of Natural Medicine. Our mission is to build a locally owned and operated Alternative Medicine Business, and to do this in a socially responsible and environmentally aware way.​



Our Founders


​​Shaun Anderson has had a long career in Medical Devices and has held a range of Senior Commercial and Clinical Roles with Leadership Responsibility across the Asia Pacific Region. He has also provided commercial and clinical consultancy services  across Markets in the Asia Pacific. ​


Alex Hewitt is a qualified engineer and businessman who has established a successful renewable energy business in Europe and Australia, developing large scale wind and solar projects across the world. He continues to innovate in cutting edge renewable energy generation development on a global scale.

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